Burkholderia cepacia complex among intensive care unit patients in two private hospitals in Alexandria

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Burkholderia cepacia complex (BCC) is a group of 17 closely-related species that emerged as an important opportunistic pathogen. It causes serious infections in clinical settings because of its high intrinsic multiple antibiotic resistance and because it survives and multiplies in aqueous hospital environments including disinfectants. Infections caused by BCC include bacteremia, urinary tract infections, septic arthritis, peritonitis and respiratory tract infections; particularly in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). Hemodialysis, permanence in intensive care units (ICUs), use of central venous catheters, and endotracheal tubes are recognized as risk factors contributing to BCC acquisition. B. cepacia selective agar (BCSA) is rapid efficient and for selective isolation of BCC. The RapID NF Plus is an accurate, rapid, easy system to identify BCC in four hours. This cross-sectional study aimed to study the occurrence of BCC infection among ICU patients in two private hospitals in Alexandria during a 4-month period from February to May 2016. Comparison of isolation of B. cepacia on conventional media and on BCSA, besides identification of isolates by RapID NF Plus system was also aimed at. Conventional media and BCSA medium were used to isolate and identify BCC in 150 examined samples. Further confirmation of BCC isolates was done using RapID NF Plus system and their antimicrobial susceptibility pattern was detected.Causative agents were isolated from 74% of samples. The infection rate was highest in the third week of hospitalization. BCC was isolated from 7.2% of samples. The highest rate of isolation occurred in patients with pulmonary diseases. All BCC isolates were found to be multiple drug resistant (MDR) but were highly susceptible to ceftazidime, meropenem, and piperacillin- tazobactam.

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BCC, BCSA medium, Burkholderia, ICU patients, RapID NF Plus system



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