Submissions from 2022

The nexus between demographic characteristics of egyptian consumers and green product purchase decision, Mostafa Ahmed Shalash

Submissions from 2021

The impact of adopting green marketing mix strategy on customer satisfaction in Egyptian market, Mostafa Ahmed Shalash

Investigating the relationship between store image and purchase intension towards private label brands (PLBs): An applied study on International series, Riham Hassan Younis and Ahmed Ebeid

Submissions from 2020

Will COVID -19 pabdemic change Egyptians buyers for a new car ( Explorator study ), yara Magdy, Adel Tareeh, Nevin Youssef, Yara Ibrahim, and Omnia Moharem

Cause -Related Marketing : A Conceptual and theoritical Review, Omnia Mohamed Moharam, Ahmed Musa, and Eman Najm

Bussiness panic : Efforts during and post pandemic era ( scholars perspeactives - the case of Egypt ), Omnia Mohamed Moharam, Adel M Torieh, Yara Ibrahim, and Nevine A Youssef

E-learning qual the way to achieve E-learning service quality in Egyptian education institutions, Mostafa Ahmed Shalash

Submissions from 2018


Internal corporate branding impact on employees’ brand supporting behaviour, Sally Raouf Ragheb Garas, Amira Fouad Ahmed Mahran, and Hassan Mohamed Hussein Mohamed

big data as knowledge assets in retail management in fourth industrial revolution a case-study of wal-mart, Mahmoud eLsayed Hassanein and Mahmoud Hassanin

The role of country branding in attracting foreign investment: country characteristics and country image, yara Magdy and Nicolas papadopoulos

Internal Corporate Branding Impact On Employees' Brand Supporting Behaviour, Sally Raouf Ragheb, Amira Fouad Ahmed Mahran, Hassan Mohamed, and Hussein Mohamed

Submissions from 2015


Assessing university students' satisfaction with on-campus cafeteria services, Osman Ahmed El-Said and Eslam Ahmed Fathy

Submissions from 2013


Knowledge management and measurement: a critical review, Mohamed A. F. Ragab and Amr Arisha