Submissions from 2022

The Impact of Murals on Contemporary Environmental with Special references to the Nubia Region, Sherin Mokhtar Abdel Hamid Rezk

نمذجة التصميم الداخلي ومحاكاته للبيئة الخارجية, Aya Hassan Afify

The antimicrobial effect of eugenol on lactobacilli isolated from children's saliva compared to chlorhexidine (in-vitro study )'', Sherif Saeed Darwish, Rehab Samir Salma, Moustafa A Matar, Nader A. Elseoudy, Moustafa A. Kandil, and Mohab H. Mehelba

Effect of muscle energy techneque on postpartum sacroiliac joint dysfuncation:A randomized controlled trial, Ghada Ebrahim Elrefaye, Hajar Hatem Shawqi, Khadija Abdel Aziz, and Abdel Hamid Abdel Ati

The Impact Of Interactive Technology On The Design Of Internal Spaces Post COVID-19, yasmine Mamdouh ElMaghawry

The Woozen's Role in Maintaining Eco Sustainability, yasmine Mamdouh ElMaghawry

Considering Simulation Training To Ensure Patient Safety For Expert Anesthiologists Over The Age Of 60 in Saudi Arabia, Mohamed Ali Hamza and صالحة الجبلي

Molecular and Microscopical Diagnosis of Cryptosporidial Infection among Immuno Compromised and Immuno Competent Patients, Enas Muhammed Masoud, Hanan Farouk, Azza Hassan, Amany Shehata, Marwa Fikry, and Fayqa Ibrahim

Parental satisfaction regarding two types of commcial crowns for restoring pulpotomized primary molars, Nehal Raid Salman, Nagwa Khattab, Yaser Gomaa, and Ahmad Elheeny

The nexus between demographic characteristics of egyptian consumers and green product purchase decision, Mostafa Ahmed Shalash

Submissions from 2021

توظيف مهارات التطريز والطباعة الرقمية في إنتاج لوحات فنية تراثية معاصرة, Marwa Mahmoud Abdelhamid

Effect on radiation and image quality of computed tomography tube current moduation, Magdy Ali Abdou, Mustafa Al-Safwany, Buthaina Kandil, and Yasser Khader

The Use of Green Spectroscopy for Analysis of Quetiapine, Youssef Shaaban Abdullah Hassan Al-Shami, Tariq Saeed, Haitham Maimon Ahmed, Wael Talaat, and Hala Fouad

Validated HPLC and HPTLC Methods for the Determination of Agomelatine in Bulk and Tablets, Youssef Shaaban Abdullah Hassan Al-Shami, Tariq Saeed, Haitham Maimon Ahmed, Wael Talaat, and Hala Fouad

The prognostic value of vitamin D receptor and its up-stream miR-27b and miR-125a expression in breast cancer patients, Nehal AbuSamra, Mona Rashad, Nadia Abd ElMoneim, Sanaa Shawky, and Maher Kamel

The impact of technological development abd its relation ship to the interior design philosphy of intelligent transportation spaces, Aya Hassan Afify

Prolonged Versus Brief Ice Application For spasticity Modulation in Children with Spastic Hemiplegic, Muhammad Al Bagoury, Mohamed Serag, Abdelrahman H Agamy, and Ghada Ismail Mohamed

Sustainability potential for ginkgo biloba L.plantations under climate change uncertainty : An ex-situ conservation prespective, Eman Taha Ali, Laila M.Bidak, Selim Z.Heneidy, and Marwa Waseem A.Halmy

Spectrophotometric Studies of Copper (2) roxithromycin complex, Ahmed Salah Al-Din Al-Khawlani, Hisham Mohamed Mostafa Kamel, and Asmaa Saad Mohamed

The Potentials of Egyptian and Indian granties foe protection of lionizing radiation, Mustafa Muhammad Al-Sayed Al-Khatib, Mohamed Elsafi, MF. Alrashedi, MI Sayyed, Ibrahim Al Hamarneh, M.A. El Nahal, Mayeen uddin, Hamid osman, and Ahmad EL Askary

نحو نظرة تصحيحية لطبيعة حق المؤلف, Mohamed Badawy

A Review on Steel Surface Image Features Extraction and Representation Methods, Samy H. Darwish, Mohammed Waleed Ashour, K. Fatimah, and Alfian Abdul Halin

Mathematical Analysis of Multi-Frequency Bioimpedance for Body-Composition Assessment, Samy H. Darwish, Samir M.Abdel Mageed, Amgad A.Salama, Radwa A.Meshref, and Ehab I.Mohamed

A Novel Low Complexity CS-Based DOA Estimation Technique, Samy H. Darwish, Amjad Adel Salama, and Mohamed El Sayed Morsy

Towards Memorable Tourism Experiences : Analysis of Trip - Advisor Users' preceptions . The Case of Egypt, Lamiaa Ebrahim Hefny

Numerical Simulation of RC beams reinforced with internal steel trusses, Hamdy Mohy El-din Afify, Salah El Din, Fahmy Taher, Omnia Fawzy Kharoub, and Sally Salem

Potential therapeutic and pharmacological strategies for SAS-CoV2, Sally A. El‑Zahaby, Doaa Gharib, Samar Saleh, and Muhammad Nofal

Prognostic impact of Interleukin-10 in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Maha Abubakr Feissal Rabie, Amal Mostafa Ghanem, Waiel Mohmed Al-Kahiry, Homam Mohamed Sharshira, and Irene Lewis Mikhael

Stability - Indicating HPLC-DAD Determination of Lamivudine in pharmaceutical preparations and Biological Fluids, Rim Said Haggag, Saeed Fathallah Bilal, Ismail Ibrahim Hawala, and Ola Ahmed Al Ruby

Remarkable histopthological improvement of experimental toxoplasmosis after receiving spiramycin-chitosan nanoparticles formulation, Nancy Abdelkader Hagras, Amal Farahat Allam, Hoda Fahmy Farag, Mervat Mostafa Osman, Thanaa Ibrahim Shalaby, Amani Hussein Kazem, Amel Youssef Shehab, and Nermine Mogahed Fawzy

Relationship of anterior and posterior occlusal planes with different sagittal and vertical patterns in adults, Yomna Hashem Hassouna, Ghada El Mehy, and Atia Yousif

The Role of Anticoagulants And Antiplatelets in Prophylaxis And/Or Treatment of Severe Sars-Cov-2 Infection, Asmaa Ahmed Khalifa and Wissam Fahmy Al Hadidi

Thymoquinone protects against cardiac mitochondrial DNA loss, oxidative stress ,inflammation and apoptosis in isoproterenol-induced myocardial infarction in rats, Asmaa Ahmed Khalifa, Wissam Fahmy Al Hadidi, and Radwa Rashid

Covid-19: Pharmacological and therapeutic Approaches, Asmaa Ahmed Khalifa, Mai Ghoneim, and Basma Ali

Assessment of low versus standard kVp Settings in Cerebral CT Angiography for the optimization of contrast medium, Atef Kamal Khamis, Mohamed M. El-Safwany, Samir M.Abdel-Mageed, and Ehab I.Mohamed

Efficient Security Model for RDF Files Used in Lot Applications, Mohamed El Khouly and Abdel baes Mohamed

Evaluation of toxicity of copper oxide nanoparticles on human blood, Asma Magdy Abdel Kader, Thanaa Ibrahim, Rasha Saeed, and Ola Ali Balbaa

Concept , Application and Implementation of Building information Model ( BIM) Technology, Moataz Ehab Mahmoud, Omar Abu Al Naga, Hossam Al Qoli, Hazem Ayman, Ahmed Kamal, Muhammad Abu Al Wafa, and Hamdi Afifi

Marketing the political personality in Egypt through social media networks- contents, forms and reception, Lina Mashour

Associations of the Cannabinoid Receptor-1 Polymorphisms with the Susceptibility to Mojor Depressive Disorder and the Response to the Antidepressant Escitalopram in a Sample of Egyptian Patients, Enas Muhammed Masoud, Christine Georgi, Khaled Helmy, Mohamed Mokhtar, Ebtisam Abdullah, and Noha Essam

Erosive potential of some beverages on the enamel surface of primary molars, Mostafa Anwar Matar, Sherif S Darwish, and Rehab Samir Salma

Regenerative endodontic therapy using platelet - rich plasma ( PRP ) and amelogenin for the treatment of non - vital immature permanent teeth with apical periodontitis : an animal study, Mostafa Anwar Matar, Fatma Rashed, Turki Y Alhazzazi, and Dania F Bogari

Relationships between forward head posture and lumbopelvic sagittal alignment in older adults with chronic low back pain, Aliaa M Elabd and Omar M Elabd

Factors Affecting the intention to use airbnb in Egypt : APLS-SEM Approach, Amr Mohamed Elhamy

Systematic review of opprtunistic parasites among Egyptian immunocompromised individuals from 2010 to 2020, Faika Ebrahim Mohamed and Nourhan Fanaky

دراسةالتصميمات الجرافيكية المتحركة في العصر الرقمي, Hekmat Hassan Mohamed

Egyptian Olea europeae leaves bioactive extract : Antibacterial and wound healing activity in normal and diabetic rats, Basma Hassan Mohammed Al-Wakeel, lReem Ashraf Elnahas, Salma Sameh Elshewemi, and Zakia AhmedOlama

A study on positive school children as indicators of schistosomiasis, Esraa Abdelhamid Monier, Amel Youssef Shehab, Amal Farahat Allam, Heba Elhadad Mohammed, and Hoda Fahmy Farag

Solid State Study for Barbituric Acid and Uracil Thorium Complexs, Hesham Mohamed Mostafa and M.S Masud

Compliance with infection control practices among dental interns in Alexandria , Egypt, Hashem Mohamed Nasr Eldin, Mervat Al Sayegh, and Jihan El Batouty

Politics On Egyptian Stage : Agitprop In Salah Abdel Sabour's Play The Tragedy Of AL-Hallag, Hoda Abdel Ghaffar Salem

Politics On Egyptian Stage : Agitprop In Salah Abdel Sabour's Play The Tragedy Of AL-Hallag, Hoda Abdel Ghaffar Salem

Science fiction on stage : dystopia in caryl churchill's far away, Hoda Abdel Ghaffar Salem

Science fiction on stage : dystopia in caryl churchill's far away, Hoda Abdel Ghaffar Salem

Symbolism and race in amiri baraka's dutchman, Hoda Abdel Ghaffar Salem

Symbolism and race in amiri baraka's dutchman, Hoda Abdel Ghaffar Salem

Assessment of external marginal adaptation of prefabricated zirconia crowns for restoring primary molars using a steremicroscope, Nehal Raid Salman, Nagwa Mohmmad Ali Khattab, Yasser Fathi Gomaa, and Ahmad Abdel Hamid Elheeny

The impact of adopting green marketing mix strategy on customer satisfaction in Egyptian market, Mostafa Ahmed Shalash

أثر إعادة تدوير الخامات على إبتكار تصميمات داخلية صديقة للبيئة, Salma Youssef Wahba

Investigating the relationship between store image and purchase intension towards private label brands (PLBs): An applied study on International series, Riham Hassan Younis and Ahmed Ebeid

New trends in the treatment of hemiplegic cerebral palsy, Amal Youssef Al-Saeed Wahba

Submissions from 2020

The effect of combined treatment by laser and fluoride on the acid resistance of enamel in primary teeth ( IN_ Vitro study ), Yasmine Gamal Abdelaziz, Azza G. Hanno, Magda El Tekeya, and Dina A. Nagui

Scanning electron microsopic evaluation of the effect of boron and fish oil healing of extraction sockets in rat, Omnia Magdy Abdelfattah, Salwa Abd El Samad, Azza Koura, and Dina A. Nagy

A Nanoparticles based microbiological study on the effect of rosemary and ginger essential oils against Klebsiella pneumoniae, Ibrahim Abdelwahab, Meng Meng Win, Sarah Magdy, Rania Abu Zahra, and Kholoud Baraka

Stimulation of the cholinergic system improves experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis physically exercised rats, Muhammed Amin Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Emam, Mennat Allah Al Juwaid, Dalal Abdullah, and Hanan Al Abhar

A Fuzzy, Incremental and Semantic Trending Topic Detection in Social Feeds, Mona A. Abou-Of

Evaluation of the Antiflammatory and antioxidant activities of selected resin exudates, Dalia Sheikh Ali Jamal Al-Din, Dalia Ali, Rehab Abdel Rahman, Rania Al Jadili, Shahira Ezzat, Moselhi Rajab Moselhi, and Essam Abdel Sattar

Metformin : New sights ino Alzheimer disease protection, Sherine Abdel Alim Abdel Hady, Rania Khalil, Hassan Fayed, and Abla Obeid

Clinical Evaluation of using Cortical lamina Xenograft in Reconstruction of Orbital floor, Haitham Hassan Ali Sakr, Ahmed M. Shaaban, Tarek M. Aly, and Samraa Elshiekh

Perioperative mortality : A review, Mohamed Aly Daabiss

Effect of interferential electrical stimulation on pain perception and disability level on interstitial cystitis: a randomized cintrolled trial, Ghada Ebrahim Elrefaye, Hamada Ahmed, Ibtissam M. Saab, and Najlaa Fathi Ewais

comparative study of inspiratory muscle strength training and incentive inspirometer on ventilatory fuction in postmenopausal, Ghada Ebrahim Elrefaye, Hany Farid Elsisi, and Eid Morsy Elsisi

Effect of ultrasound cavitation versus radiofrequency on abdominal fat thickness in postnatal women, Ghada Ebrahim Elrefaye, Yasmin M Assim, and Khadiga S Abd El Aziz

Evaluating the Egyptian Official Online Channels for Branding Egypt as a Tourism Destination, Lamiaa Ebrahim Hefny

Promoting Egypt Through its National Stereotype : The Role of Stereotype in Evaluating the Components of Destination Image, Lamiaa Ebrahim Hefny

Functionalization of GEO2 - SIO2 - (CH2)3 - CL nanoparticles with sodium alginate for enahnced and effective Gd 11 , Pb 11 and Zn 11 ions removable by microwave irradiation and adsorption technique, Rehab Mansour Ebrahim, Rhab elsharkawy, Elhassan allam, and moahmed mahmoud

Effect of forward head posture correction added to lumber stabilization exercises on lumbopelvic organization in mechanical low back pain patients : A Randomized clinical trial, Aliaa Elabd and Salah Eldin Bassit Ahmed Elsayed

An efficient reliable method for regional analysis of breast thermographic images, Azza Mohamed Elbagoury and Mazhar Taiel

Automatic breast thermography segmentation based on fully convolutional neural networks, Azza Mohamed Elbagoury and Mazhar Taiel

Fecal carriage of ESBL - producing escherichia coli in Egyptian patients admitted to the medical research institute hospital, Alexandria university, Amira ElBaradei, Dalia Maharem, Ola Abdel Qader, Eman Salah Naga, and Mustafa Karim

العمارة الداخلية في تشكيل الفراغ الداخلي للأماكن الترفيهية السياحية, yasmine Mamdouh ElMaghawry

Study of Dickkopf - 1 ( DKK -1 ) in patients with chronic viral hepatitis C- related liver cirrhosis with and without hepatocellular carcinoma, MennatAllah Abdel Fattah, Jihan Mahmoud, Mona El Deeb, Rania Nabil, and Mohamed Mahmoud

A flexible ergonomic redesign of the sewing machine workstation, Amira Muhammad gaber Al-Adly, Mohammed Jaber Abu Ali, Aida Winter, and Sherwat Al-Ghulami

Green HPTLC and stability - indicating RP-HPLC for the assay of dextromethorphan hydrobromide and menthol in their lozenges, Mohamed Mahmoud Hamdy, Marwa Rajab, Fawzi Al Yazbi, Ikram Mahmoud, and Essam Khamis

A combination of immunotherapies and micronutrients may relieve the severe illness in COVID19 Patients : Review Article, Hewida H.Fadel and Mohamed Abd El-Rahman Ahmed

After successful of Tocilizumab plus micronutrients in the treatment of covid 19 patients; cosentyx may be recommended, Hewida H.Fadel, Mohamed Abd El-Rahman Ahmed, Kareem Mahamoud Gharbeya, Mohammed Ahmed Khamis Mohamed, and Reda Almiry

The association of adiponectin polymorphism ( rs2241766) with susceptibility and prognosis of Egyptian patients with haematological malignancies, Hewida H.Fadel, Nahla E Hefny, Amany I Yousef, Nadia A Sadek, Eman Attea, and Tarek El-Sewedy

Predicting stock marketing trends for japanese candlestick using cloud model, Mohamed El Khouly, Magda Madbouly, Yasser Gharib, and Saad Darwish

Will COVID -19 pabdemic change Egyptians buyers for a new car ( Explorator study ), yara Magdy, Adel Tareeh, Nevin Youssef, Yara Ibrahim, and Omnia Moharem

Effect of garden cress on alveolar bone healing in rats with ligature induced periodontitis, Eman Mohamed Mahmoud Salem, Sahar S. Karam, Khadiga Y. Kawana, Nesma M. Khalil, and Mona E. Lotfy

Efficacy of Kinesto taping and postural correction exercises on levator scapula electromyographic activities in mechanical cervical dysfunction : A randomized blinded clinical trial, Aliaa M Elabd, Abeer R Ibrahim, Haytham M Elhafez, Hussien A Hussien, and Omar M Elabd

Evaluating the legibility of complex building : a quantitive model for indoor wayfinding, Sarah Haitham Mohamed Ahmed, Dina Sameh, and Asmaa Hussein El-Sayed

تقييم الأساليب الإتصالية المستخدمة في التعليم الإلكتروني خلال جائحة کورونا، ومدى فاعليتها لدى الطلاب: دراسة حالة, Merhan Mohsen Mohamed Elsayed

Chitosan and liposomes nanoparticles encapsulated cinnamon extract : Antiproteolytic activity and wound healing efficiency of diabetic rats, Basma Hassan Mohammed Al-Wakeel, Doaa Awad, Ahmed Hussein, and Reem Abdel Hameed Harfoush

Cause -Related Marketing : A Conceptual and theoritical Review, Omnia Mohamed Moharam, Ahmed Musa, and Eman Najm

Bussiness panic : Efforts during and post pandemic era ( scholars perspeactives - the case of Egypt ), Omnia Mohamed Moharam, Adel M Torieh, Yara Ibrahim, and Nevine A Youssef

Correlation study of functional perfermoance between biabetic and non- diabetic patients wth knee osteoarthritis, Shimaa Nabil, Abla Hamed, and Mohammed Abu Al Enein

إطار المواجهة الإدارية لجائحة كورونا في ظل تطبيق نظرية الظروف الاستثنائية, Ahmed Nasser

الإهتمام بالصحة النفسية للمجتمع كهدف من أهداف الضبط الإداري, Ahmed Nasser

تعديل الدساتير بين التقييد وتحرير الإرادة الشعبية, Ahmed Nasser