Heritage-led urban regeneration: the case of “El-Shalalat District”, Alexandria

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Purpose: The paper aims to clarify threats facing heritage management in developing countries. It investigates the challenges facing the application of the historic urban landscape approach (HUL) in the city of Alexandria in Egypt, where heritage is trapped between unplanned developments from one side and deterioration from another side. Design/methodology/approach: This paper uses SWOT analysis regarding the heritage management approach of the historic site. Site observation, documentary reviews, an online questionnaire (due to the COVID situation) and some interviews with park visitors and shopkeepers have been adopted to capture the changes in the site management, specifically capturing the current status of the site. Findings: The paper presented an empirical study covering the evolution of heritage management practices. It suggests that building and maintaining the synergy between the government, the private sector and the public is essential for the sustainability of urban development in the city of Alexandria. It also asserts that heritage is a major catalyst of urban regeneration in the city. Research limitations/implications: This paper highlights major threats facing Alexandrian heritage. However, it lacks generalizability. Practical implications: It suggests inclusive urban conservation strategies that are based on the HUL approach that would revitalize the historic core and assist in preserving both its tangible and intangible heritage. These strategies can help decision makers to develop more sustainable approaches in managing city heritage and achieving sustainable development of the city core. Social implications: The paper presents a social implication through involving stakeholders in the sustainable revitalization project of Al-Shalalat district located in the city center of Alexandria. Originality/value: The paper presents an empirical study that fulfills an identified need for adopting more sustainable strategies in heritage management in Alexandria.

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Sustainable conservation, Sustainable heritage development, SWOT analysis, Urban heritage, Urban revitalization