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Synthesis, Characterization and Nanoformulation of Novel Sulfonamide-1,2,3-triazole Molecular Conjugates as Potent Antiparasitic Agents
Faizah S. Aljohani, Nadjet Rezki, Mohamed R. Aouad, Bassma H. Elwakil, Mohamed Hagar, Eman Sheta, Nermine Mogahed Fawzy Hussein Mogahed, Sanaa K. Bardaweel, and Nancy Abd Elkader Hagras


In vivo bio-distribution and acute toxicity evaluation of greenly synthesized ultra-small gold nanoparticles with different biological activities
Faizah S. Aljohani, Moaaz T. Hamed, Basant A. Bakr, Yahya H. Shahin, Marwa M. Abu-Serie, Ashraf K. Awaad, Hadir El-Kady, and Bassma H. Elwakil


1000 Artists’Books
Sandra Salamony and Donna Thomas


1000 Chairs
D. Wiles and Ch. Dymkowski


claude guimier


100s Visual idea Formats,Folds&Bindings
Glen D.Huey and Editors of popular woodworking

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